The menu of the month


Marinated herring with shallots, capers and cress... 65,-
Marinated herring in curry sauce with soft boiled egg and apples... 65,-
"Christiansøpigens Sild" herring with horseradish and crème fraîche… 65,-
Marinated fried Christmas herring with pickled red onion… 65,-
Trio of herring... 95.-

The green

Salad with smoked breast of duck, orange, roasted walnuts & mustard vinaigrette… 95,-

Paustian's tatare

Steak tartare with herbs, shallots, capers, cornichons and tomato vinaigrette... 89,- / 135,-
Salmon tartare with lime zest, red onion, cucumber, chives and olive oil... 89,- / 135,-

Open sandwiches

Soft boiled egg, hand-peeled prawns and mayonnaise… 85.-
Gravlax with dill, apple & mustard sauce… 89.-
Cod salad with wholegrain mustard, lemon, capers & toast… 89.-
Pan-fried fillet of plaice with remoulade and lemon… 105.-
Home-made brawn with mustard and beetroot… 85.-
Chicken salad with homemade pickles, tomato, herbs and toast… 89.-

Hot dishes

Roast duck with apples and prunes, potatoes, red cabbage and gravy… 159,-
Fried pork sausage with creamed kale and potatoes… 159,-
Funen æbleflæsk (apple pork) with Ingrid Marie apples… 155,-
Fried beef tartare with all the trimmings... 145,-
Omelette with mushrooms a la creme and green salad with parsley… 85,-
Baked cod with squid, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, chervil and beurre blanc... 165.-


Homemade french fries and mayonnaise... 40,-
Green salad with fennel and croutons... 35,-


Three Christmas cheeses with pickled prunes in Armagnac and crisp bread… 55.-
Five Christmas cheeses with pickled prunes in Armagnac and crisp bread… 85,-


Danish Almond Rice Pudding with cherry sauce… 65.-
Créme brulée with cardamom... 65,-
A scoop of vanilla ice cream with preserved cherries… 30.-
Christmas cookies and chocolate… 25.-

A little taste of Christmas (2 herring, 2 fish, 3 meat, cheese or Danish almond rice pudding) 295,- (ask your waiter about today's selection).

A large taste of Christmas (3 herring, 3 fish, 4 meat, cheese or Danish almond rice pudding) 445,- (ask your waiter about today's selection).