The menu of the month


Complete lunch dishes
Today's lunch dish 150
Paustian sandwich with beef, pickled and fried onions, mustard cream, salad and fries 145
Tradetional French tartare with mixed green salad and fries 175
Fried beef tartar with classical Danish garnish 165
Lyonnaise salad with poached eggs, crispy bacon and croutons 155
Cheese plate with five kinds of cheese, olives, something pickled and crispy 145

To go

Today’s dish, if you need some help with you dinner to night. 95
Sandwich with beef, salmon or chicken 95

Danish lunch

2 dishes served as "smørrebrød" or as a menu 180
3 dishes served as "smørrebrød" or as a menu 235
Choose between
Herring with curry salad, 1/2 egg, onion and capers
Hand-peeled shrimp with eggs and mayonnaise
Salmon tartar with cucumber, lime, chives and creme fraiche
Pan-fried breaded plaice fillet with tartar sauce and lemon
Carpaccio of beef with truffle mayonnaise and parmesan
Corned Chicken with celery and herbs
Pie of spinach with goat cheese and salad
Cake with chocolate, raspberry and parfait

Blackboard dishes

The season's small and larger specialties
Herring from "Christians Ø" with horseradish, unions, capers and creme fraice 95
Toast with creamy late summer mushrooms 95
Meunier-fried turbot with small boiled potatoes 185
Filet of Veal with vegetables and sauce 185
Side orders
Mixed Green salad
Potato croquettes
Profiterole with vanilla ice cream and chocolate 99