The menu of the month


Complete lunch dishes
Today's lunch dish 150,-
Paustian sandwich with beef, pickled and fried onions, mustard cream, salad and fries 145,-
Traditional French tartar with mixed green salad and fries 175,-
Fried beef tartar with Classic Danish garnishes 165,-
Salad with siered tuna, poached egg and croutons 155,-
Cheese plate with five kinds of cheese, sweets and crackers 145,-

To go

Today’s dish, if you need some help with you dinner tonight. (Monday to Friday - order before 3:00 pm) 125,-
Sandwich with beef, salmon or chicken 75,-

Danish lunch

2 dishes served as "smørrebrød" or as a menu 180,-
3 dishes served as "smørrebrød" or as a menu 235,-
Choose between
Herring with curry salad, 1/2 egg, onion and capers
Hand-peeled shrimp with eggs and mayonnaise
Salmon tartar with cucumber, lime, chives and creme fraiche
Pan-fried fillet of plaice with sauce tartar and lemon
Terrin with mustard and cornichons
Corned Chicken with celery and herbs
Pie with eggplant, onion and nicoise olives
1,2 or 3 kinds of cheese with pickled fruit and crisp

Blackboard dishes

The season's small and larger specialties
Herring from "Christiansø" with horseradish, onions, capers and creme fraiche 95,-
Carpaccio of Beef tenderloin with truffle mayonnaise and parmesan 98,-
Smoked Salmon with herb creme 95,-
Fish of the day with garnish 185,-
Veal tenderloin with garnish 185,-
Side orders 35,-
Mixed Green salad
Potato croquettes
Profiterole with vanilla ice cream and chocolate 98,-